1. What is Udhyami Seed Camp?

  • Udhyami SeedCamp is a rigorous 6 day long business skills training program designed to turn Idea-preneurs (i.e. people with ideas) into Entrepreneurs.This startup bootcamp is built to support innovative, promising and impactful ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs, looking to turn their ideas into a full fledged business. It is a thematic program focused on different themes around which businesses can be built.


  1. What is STARTUPSNepal.com?

  • STARTUPSNepal is an online platform that aims to bring all the aspiring entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs, their startups, and potential investors together by helping them connect with each other


  1. Why Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech edition?

  • With a rise of technology and its uses in every aspect of business, more entrepreneurs are opting for tech oriented startup ideas. Hence realizing the opportunities for growth and scalability in this sector, this edition of Udhyami Seed Camp is a tech focused edition; which intends to provide an ideal platform for technology based startups to start and grow their businesses in Nepal with international caliber.


  1. When is the event date and time schedule?

  • Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech edition will take place from September 8th-13th, 2017. The general time schedule for the program is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


  1. What is the duration of Udhyami Seed Camp?

  • Udhyami Seed Camp is a 6 day long program.

  • We also provide each selected teams with 4 additional follow up sessions to review the growth of their idea and provide them with necessary mentorship and networking sessions accordingly. The follow up session will be provided 15 days apart after the end of the 6 days bootcamp. This way mentors and organizers can carefully monitor their growth, development and access these startups accordingly.


  1. When are the selected startups announced?

  • The selected team will be notified through email or phone within 4 days before the program.


  1. When is the deadline for registration?

  • The deadline for registration is August 31, 2017 11:59 pm.


  1. How do I register? 

  • Registration can be done through our website. To register, click here


  1. What are the criteria for registering in Udhyami Seed Camp?    

  • Your team must have unique and innovative idea catered for Nepal’s market.

  • Your team must have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 members.

  • Your startup initiation must have technology incorporated in any level of your business structure.

  • You and your team members must be willing to commit their time and dedication for entire duration of the program.


  1. Do I have to pay to apply?

  • No, you don’t have to pay to apply for Udhyami Seed Camp.


  1. Do I have to pay to participate?

  • There is a participant's fee of Rs. 2500/- per team member once you are selected.


  1. What does participation fee include?

          Participation fee includes the following:

  • Lunch and refreshment(6 days)

  • Participation kit(diary, ID card, Handouts, StartupsNepal Shirt, StartupsNepal Stickers, StartupsNepal Batch Pen)


  1. What is the selection process?

  • Selection process for Udhyami Seed Camp is highly selective and based on the application, personal interviews and team dynamics among other factors. We look for teams with ideas which are sustainable and have high potential for growth.


  1. Who are the mentors?

  • Mentors are your guides who will help you build your startup. They are seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who offer you their assistance through the Seed Camp program by utilizing their experience, knowledge and networks.


  1. I have already prepared a prototype of my idea. Can I apply?

  • Yes, you can certainly apply. Building a prototype is also an initial phase of a startup and might have lot of rooms for improvement and hence our program structure will definitely be beneficial to you and your product/service development.


  1. How many startup teams will be selected?

  • We will be selecting a maximum of 20 teams (Startups). The objective of selecting 20 teams is so that each team gets maximum value from each of our mentors and different networking sessions.


  1. I don’t have a team but I have an idea, can I apply?

  • You must have a team of at least 2 and maximum of 4 members to apply. If you don’t have a team then we recommend you to look for likeminded people who share similar interests and can contribute to your initiative.


  1. Is investment guaranteed for selected startups?

  • At the last day of the program (Pitch Day), we will have a number of potential investors who are willing to invest in promising ideas and teams. So, if the startups and their ideas can impress and build trust with the investors than you have a high chance of securing investment.


  1. What are the values I get from Udhyami SeedCamp?

  • Refine your business idea and become ready to kickstart your venture.

  • Check the viability of your idea in today's market.

  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

  • Widen your network and get a chance to meet some veteran entrepreneurs of Nepal.

  • To provide you with necessary tools, strategies and confidence needed to assess your business idea, determine feasibility and refine your business idea.

  • To provide entrepreneurs like yourselves with a collaborative platform where you can share your inspirational stories, give insightful suggestions and altogether gather information of today's entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  1. Does StartupsNepal sign NDA/Copyright?

  • No, we do not sign NDA. We believe that the success of a startup depends on the team and execution rather than the idea. We do not support or take part in the signing of any legal documents at the event and while mentors with legal background are often present and able to give general legal advice, they are not permitted to give specific legal counsel. However, we suggest founders with sensitive business ideas and models to protect their Intellectual Property rights beforehand.   

 Incase of any confusion, here's a video to guide you through our application process: