Building brands the urban way – Urban Nomads

Building brands the urban way – Urban Nomads

The term ‘brand’ has seen many connotations over the years and the meaning of the word has slowly changed to become synonymous to effective digital marketing at this time. With the right branding, a new company can easily gain the right attention that could be turned into easy sales.  Social media influencers have played a big part in accelerating a certain brands’ reach to the right target – the recent example of Coca-Cola’s Jigri campaign saw almost two dozen celebrities take to Instagram to endorse the new bottle of cola in a personalized manner. With more additions like these becoming crucial to marketing and advertising in the digital era, a need for a personalized digital marketing company is on the rise. Urban Nomads, a year- old branding company, has been taking heed to these changes and providing sought-after branding services.

Urban Nomads is a creative branding agency based in Bakhundole, Kathmandu. The name Urban Nomads represents the ethos of the company, according to the founder Sushmeet Pradhananga. “We cater to the urban needs of companies and can easily adapt to the customized requirements of different companies. Every founder and company has a different personality and our work is to reflect that correctly through the branding. We are the digital nomads who wander around looking to digitally enhance a client in this urban world. Thus, urban nomads”, elaborates Sushmeet.


Sushmeet Pradhananga, a young entrepreneur of 23, hails from an IT background with a keen interest in designing. Before starting his company, he was working as the Senior Creative Communication Associate for NEXT Venture Corp, a business accelerator. On the side, he was taking care of his first entrepreneurial venture – an online book store named KitabTrade – too. While working as a designer, he was exposed to playing with different themes, aesthetics and designs. He realized that every design had a story to tell and clients had limited choice of design options in the market. His previous company, Kitab Trade hadn’t been doing that well and he understood that he needed to do explore more viable options. This was when he approached his mentors, Kavi Raj Joshi and Deepak Jaiswal,  with his idea or opening a branding company. After getting support and necessary understanding of the operation of a business through Udhyami Seed camp – a week-long boot-camp for new businesses and ideas – he went ahead with Urban Nomads. “The connections I had made while working for NEXT VENTURE Corp helped me learn through the entire process of operating the business”, says Sushmeet as he attributes his previous workplace as one of the main reasons he started his new venture.  “I want to make Urban Nomads a global branding agency one day, working towards making creative freedom more accessible to individuals and companies. Within my team, I want to facilitate raw artists who are looking to explore their creative instincts; I want Urban Nomads to be a community of artistic individuals.”


Urban Nomads caters to the five basic elements of branding and marketing – photography and videography, graphic designing, web development, digital marketing, and animation.  Having collaborated with startups that are in the nascent stage to working with renowned organisations like Buddha Air Pvt. Ltd., Urban Nomads does not limit its services. It, however, takes into account the kind of representative/individual that they have to attend to, and conducts a number of meetings before confirming the collaboration. Over the year, they have helped brand CEOs, social media influencers, and celebrities for their personal portfolios, apart from the typical branding work. One of their instrumental personal branding projects was that of the Henna Artists – they helped reform the image of Henna Artists from the “mehendi walis” to respectable professional artists through their branding advocacy.


Besides the high-end branding service, Urban Nomads also provides various workshops and activation training that enable owners of fresh start-ups to gain key insight from experienced mentors.

Urban Nomads has collaborated with companies like Dulla, TFT, Sansui electronics, Naami College, F1 soft, etc. and worked for events like NEXT Growth Conclave and Google Fest. Though it operates from Kathmandu, their clients come from outside of  Kathmandu and even Nepal. With a motto to provide creative freedom to the youths and represent clients personally, Urban Nomads is on its way to empower branding.

By: Supriya Rayamajhi


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