Meet the 16 Teams of Udhyami Seed Camp - Tech Edition

Meet the 16 Teams of Udhyami Seed Camp - Tech Edition



1. Dulwa Nepal
Team members: Nipun Shakya and Tirtha Raj Pokharel
Dulwa is a web application that aims to inform users on the destinations they can explore within Nepal through the use of digital maps.


2. Hammer Lab Creations
Team members: Aditya Sapkota and Francis Gautam

Hammer Lab Creations is a game development venture that aims to develop thematic Nepali thematic games with in-app purchases that can be scaled globally.



3. 8Byte Studio

Team members: Bipin Bhandari, Amit Bista, and Susan Chakradhar

A startup that creates communication platforms for schools and colleges through which students, teachers and parents can easily communicate with one another.


4. Softuday

Team members: Pramod Shrestha and Raj Tuladhar

A service that disseminates information through SMS without any costs. This application can especially be useful for banks, businesses, and media platforms.




Team members: Bibek Jung Thapa and Saugat Shrestha

A website that will provide the users with both service and products that fall under pertain to an individual’s health.



6. Think and Create

Team members: Ujjwol Adhikari, Uttam Adhikari, and Uday Gurung

Think and Create is a film studio that works on live action short movies and animation.



7.Technician Group of Nepal

Team members: Dinesh Aryal and Anil Gurau

A startup looking into the market of web designing and mobile applications.



8. Bigryo

Team members: Kshitiz Khadka and Gunjan Bhandari

Bigryo is a middleman service that will connect consumers with broken appliances to people who will be able to fix those appliances.


9. PaperGilas
Team members: Lakpa Doma Sherpa, Roshani Acharya, and Sampanna Shrestha
PaperGilas aims to advertise through paper cups. After getting design requests from different companies, organizations, and restaurants and print those designs along with the given details on paper cups.


10. HireAny Photographer
Team members: Ashish Katuwal, Hari Ghimire, and Rajit Chaulagai
A website portal where consumers can get easy access to photographer profiles, providing the best photographers at minimal expense.


11. Vermiponics
Team members: Rajiv Poudel, Kabita Poudel, Sandesh Subedi, and Suraj K.C.
A startup that aims to link agriculture to the latest technology by utilising and integrating vermi-liquor obtained from vermiform composting in hydroponics.


12. D Square Developers
Team members: Rupesh Shrestha and Dipendra Shrestha
A startup looking to construct quality residential building retaining cultural designs at affordable rates.


13. Team I/O
Team members: Yankee Maharjan, Soojeet Kayastha, and Mukesh Karna
An online platform where people will be able to compare prices between any related items from major e-commerce site of Nepal.


14. Zerostart
Team members: Sonam Lama and Chilen Dorjee
A convenient, secure, and accessible taxi service with fair pricing for both the passengers and the taxi drivers


15. Big Team Robotics
Team members: Abhisek Pandey. Sabin Subedi, and Rupendra Aryal
A startup looking to implement new/existing technologies for the automation of small scale industries, home and hotels.


16. Sriyog
Team member: Prakash Upreti
A one man team who came up with the idea of, a website for freelancers that lists out 72 different job categories where anyone can register to get a part time job.



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