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The problem was, the only defense that women on wheels had against dust, and rain were rain ponchos or two piece rain suits.

Response Corp., a company established with an objective to provide overall digital marketing solutions to businesses and brands looking for strong digital media presence, has acquired a 50 percent sta...


 In his attempt to emulate the ongoing trend of the world looking forward to resource sharing, Bhatta has rightly made adjustments to tap into the Nepali market, taking Tootle step by step to ensure safe, secure and seamless ride to any “tootler

 "We seldom bring up the unique art forms and architectural structures while flaunting the national pride and are slowly letting it die.”

Danfe Solutions is one of the six companies that have been chosen for M&S Next's Launchpad programme. This article presents Danfe's premier product.
Home Automation Nepal is one of the six companies that made it to the NEXT Launchpad programme

“Looking for a place to work or study? Rent a space at Rs. 25 per hour.” An affordable place to work in Kathmandu.   

Little Bakers' Weekend: How trying to take her niece out of boredom led Shristi Joshi to start a new business ?

Eton Technology Pvt Ltd (ETPL), one of six startup companies selected for M&SNext Venture Corp’s NEXT Launchpad, is here to help schools with its Sajilo School Manager
No matter how affordable cell phones have become or how many people have access to the internet, the Nepali market that e-commerce or IT companies work in is still a niche. This is because the majorit...
June 10, 2017,  A 9 day-long social innovation boot camp, UAE-Nepal Connect, UNC2017, was organized by INNOCO from June 2-10 at ICA Training Center, Koteshwor. The boot camp, according to the or...

Aakar Anil Ghimire discusses the key social media marketing issues every business needs to know.

M&S Next Venture Corp’s much-awaited business accelerator program, NEXT Launchpad, kicked off today announcing six high-potential businesses.

Hamrobazar, Kaymu, Foodmandu and Tootle have shown that Nepali entrepreneurs and startups can succeed by focusing on building platforms
Niraj Shah, cofounder of EventGrid, an online event management and ticketing platform based in the US, talks about some of the turning points that shaped his career.
Source: FoodMandu Blog  For a person working nine to five in an office, the lunch-time and lunch experiences aren’t very good. Be it because of the food on the table, the time your eatery takes ...

Kantipur Media Group (KMG) has invested in the FinTech giant of Nepal - F1 Soft / e-Sewa, making it the largest investment in Nepal's tech industry.

Amun Thapa talks about the art of attracting investors Amun Thapa is the co-founder of Sastodeal.com, the popular e-commerce site. He is also the co-founder of Anthropose Pvt Ltd, a 'social-good' com...
Dalle is a derogatory term used to denote stunted growth in colloquial Nepali. The rise of Dalle- a comfort food outlet for the residents of Kathmandu, named after the small round red chillies abundan...


Ideas, as they say, have the power to change the world. Ideas can engender feelings of hope, inspiration and passion in midst of uncertainty and chaos. Ideas can evoke feverish excitement and spread like wildfire.