When we were outsourced You walk the ancient land of Andhere Terrae in all its glory. A glory that Hiristians, the dark side, are well aware of and desire. Their desire is not to rule over a ...
Prabin Subedi talks about the legal fundamentals that startups need to know
Nepali e-entrepreneurs are just scratching the surface right now. There's no limit to how big the sector will become.
Suraj Rajbahak outlines the importance of financial management for business

Have you ever wondered why billion dollar companies like Facebook, Uber, and Flipkart are still called startups? Have you ever wondered whether to call successful Nepali companies like eSewa and SastoDeal startups?


Agri-Business BootCamp, an intensive mentorship/training programme organized with intentions to promote agricultural business, innovation and entrepreneurship concluded today with an uproar.

Anjan Shrestha breaks down design thinking

There is a growing sense of enthusiasm and interest surrounding entrepreneurship across the world. Even more so in a developing country like Nepal- not just because it is trendy but because it is the need of the hour.

In recent years, perhaps one of the hottest debates in business has been whether entrepreneurs can be created and, in that respect, if someone can be taught to be an entrepreneur.

Facebook’s annual f8 meetup is being hosted in Kathmandu for the first time on April 19, 2017 in collaboration with M&S Next Venture Corp. The official website of F8 meetup introduces the meetup as a 2-day annual event that brings developers and entrepreneurs together to explore the future of the technology.

Five Nepali Entrepreneurs created a buzz in the Nepali Startup Scene this week.

You’re trying to get drunk with your favourite people after a long day but the spirits are gone before anybody is drunk enough. What would you do? You can call it a bad day in Kathmandu if that happen...
Prashant Shrestha presents the advantages of adopting the agile method.

Customer acquisition costs way more than customer retention. Attracting a new customer costs anywhere from five to 25 times higher depending on the industry you are in, according to Harvard Business Review.

Entrepreneurs continue to dream big but failure should be one of the main concerns.

Can you imagine a Kathmandu that is going to be free of dust?

Narottam Aryal presents the basics that startups need to know.

Startups Nepal will be organizing its first edition of the Udhyami Seed Camp: Women-focused edition in April, 2017. The five-day long boot-camp is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn ideas in...

Semanta Dahal presents the basics that startups need to know

If you’ve sat through a long boring lecture, you’ve probably felt how being able to communicate succinctly makes all the difference.