You’ve Got Mail – the Marketing way

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You’ve Got Mail – the Marketing way




When I kept getting emails from just because someone filled my name and email address in some fare without my consent, I was very furious with the person and Few weeks later, I tended to ignore those emails. But there was this time when I was looking for a package to Thailand for a friend and coincidentally, the email from popped up saying it had “Last Minute Offer to Thailand”. The package they offered was reasonable, and I suggested it to my friend. Ever since, whenever I have to book flights or travel packages for anyone, one of the first sites I check is

So what has led me to my behaviour? When I connect the dots, I know it’s their email marketing campaign.


What is the deal with email marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is sending out electronic mails for commercial purpose. All the advertisements that offers your products and services or requests for business and donation or just information that you get from companies in your emails can be considered as email marketing. The primary purpose of email marketing is not only limited to provide information, but also to make direct sales. But the ultimate goal is to build trust and loyalty while elevating those sales.


How is it generally done?



It’s as easy as writing an email to your friend. Nothing can happen with your email marketing campaign if you don’t have tons of email addresses to send out to. Thus, the first and foremost thing on the to-do list is to collect appropriate and real email addresses. Without doubt, email addresses should be like lottery tickets to you; more you have it, more chances you have to make your sale. Like how got my email address from a fare, the common way to collect these in Nepal is to get people to fill your forms in exhibitions and fares. Then all you have to do is plan your emails on your calendar depending on your purpose of your emails and just hit the send button. It gets even easier if you have email marketing software such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor or Sendinblue.


If it’s all easy, what’s the catch?

Planning the emails is the catch – the catch that can take or drop wickets in your business. You need to look out for how you’re going to manage the contents and the timing of your emails. It includes everything from subject line to text to designs to images to colours while managing your contents and from scheduling the days to time you send those emails while managing the timing. While making those plans, one thing you should keep in mind is that your email marketing campaigns cannot deviate away from your other marketing strategies.

So what kind of campaigns can you do?




The campaigns depend on what you want to gain from the campaign. A simple thing you can do is create welcome letters asking for the contact to subscribe to your channel or your newsletters. It can provide valuable information to your potential customers and in turn also request for valuable information about the clients. Email campaigns can also include deals or offers, announcements, sales information and heaps of other things.


Benefits? Boons? Advantages?

Email marketing is inexpensive unlike other common marketing strategies. You don’t have to consider the thrifty advertisement rates in the daily newspapers or monthly magazines or radios or TV channels. It is definitely affordable to all sorts of businesses. 


The main benefit, however, is that you can target your customers according to your products and services. If you are an insurance company and you have a new product for only women, you can send those emails only to women. Or if you own a boutique and have products for girls aged 24-35, you can target those girls in their email addresses. The targeting can be as narrow as you want it to get.


Moreover, you can measure the success of your marketing campaign. You can precisely know which emails have had the most click rates and the retention rates. These benefits don’t only limit to the numbers in crunches, but extend to the behaviour pattern of your customers to understand what kind of information and services are your customers most responsive to. Say if you’re running a consultancy in Kathmandu which also provides different standardized test based classes, using the email marketing tools, you can know whether people are more responsive to TOEFL or SATs or other courses. Analysing them, you can integrate your other operating strategies to make the sale.


Final words

Email addresses are diamond mines to your company and is tremendously valuable in the digital age. Throughout the world, the percentage of consumers who check their email at least once a day on their smartphone is staggeringly 91% (Source: ExactTarget). This can only mean that email is a very strong medium of conversation to consumers for your company. But how effective it is going to be in Nepal depends on how you plan your email marketing campaign. So with proper strategic planning, email marketing will definitely open new areas to exploit in Nepal.




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