Udhyami Seed Camp sets off its fourth iteration - Partners with Nabil Bank

Udhyami Seed Camp sets off its fourth iteration - Partners with Nabil Bank

Udhyami Seed Camp, a six-day intensive mentorship and training boot camp started with its fourth iteration on the 28th of June in Ace College of Management. This year the Seed Camp has partnered with Nabil Bank to promote gender inclusive participation in entrepreneurship and startups by accepting teams with at least one woman in the core team. The name Nabil Nari Udhyami Seed Camp promotes both the initiative of the bank and the boot camp - to empower more women to actively participate in the economy, be it through entrepreneurship or organizing finances. This year, a total of 20 teams have participated, some of them being Bhoklagyo, Mr Corn, FreshCut, Babymandu and One Woman Farm.


The previous boot-camps have helped early-stage business ideas and budding startups to develop a viable business model and eventually scale their businesses. The first boot camp had taken place in 2017 and has since then the successive boot camps have helped more than 50 teams to test their ideas and gain a better insight into the solution based services/products. Rohit Tiwari, an alumnus of Seed Camp and founder of Foodmario, shares that the support he received from his fellow participants played a major part in kick-starting his venture. “The suggestions and advice from mentors and coaches helped me tweak my business idea so much so that I changed my initial idea - to create an aggregator platform for engineers, to Foodmario - a platform to connect home cooks and foodies”, he added. 


Prabha Timilsina, the program coordinator of Udhyami Innovations Ltd, said the boot camp not only helps strengthen the business model but gives a thorough insight on individual business development, research and strategy to channel the ideas correctly.  “The curriculum is exhaustive in the least. 6 days, 9 hours every day, a curriculum that has been designed specifically to test the idea, and mentors who are constantly giving feedback and training - we holistically bring necessary elements to finetune your idea under one roof” Timilsina says. The boot camp also provides follow up sessions with coaches and mentors to better their business ideas.  After completion of the boot camp and the follow-up sessions, the applicants eventually pitch their ideas before potential investors who could inject money into their startups.


Udhyami Seed Camp will take place till the 2nd of July in Ace College of Management and will see the presence of trainers/speakers like Anil Shah, Narottam Aryal, Sixit Bhatta and Prayas Rajopdhya.


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