The Growing Nepali Lifestyle Brand - The Mint Studio

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The Growing Nepali Lifestyle Brand - The Mint Studio

Lifestyle Inspired

When comparing a foreign brand to a local one, we usually tend to overlook the latter. It has become common for most of us Nepalese to favor foreign brands as we instinctively perceive them to be of better quality and reliability. The team at The Mint Studio aspires to set this misconception correct.

The Mint Studio is a growing lifestyle brand that handcrafts items like keychains, fridge magnets, clothing, and other accessories. As one of the many lifestyle brands operating in the market, The Mint Studio stands out by adding a bit of creativity to everyday products.



Inside The Mint Studio

The team behind The Mint Studio consists of four individuals- Ankita Joshi, Ayushree Thapa, Bishal Ranamagar, and Richa Rajbhandari. The brand first started with the idea of bringing local lifestyle products to the forefront to give them the attention they deserve. Each member with their own unique traits worked relentlessly to make this common passion a reality. Their synchronicity has allowed them to effectively plan out their business despite the struggle of having a limited number of staff and resources. With that being said, the team’s biggest challenge from the start has been finding raw materials, especially since they want their products to be made with resources from Nepal.


What they offer

Since the inception of The Mint Studio, their products have been available for purchase on, an online platform meant for selling apparel. Each collection of The Mint Studio’s products comes in unique themes, with their latest theme being ‘Lounge Wear Collection’. While their primary focus is on clothing products like unisex jackets, sleepwears, and women’s tops, they also make creative accesories like keychains and fridge magnets. Clients can also request for customized accessories like their most recent batch of Game of Thrones themed keychains.

The company has also embraced the party scene and now delivers themed party accessories and props. Apart from products that have been geared specifically towards the younger generation, The Mint Studio also supplies beddings to several hotels, each customized to the hotel’s requests.




More than just a lifestyle brand?

As mentioned earlier, The Mint Studio also provides training to women through their association with WLC. They hope to empower and inspire the marginalized women and make their lives better by providing them with greater financial freedom. Women of ages 19 through 35 have come from all over Nepal for the training, most of whom have had difficult backgrounds. These women are offered a 30 day training course where they are taught many diverse skills such as sewing, crafting, and baking. The students are given pseudo training environments whereby they are able to learn the skills through the manufacturing process of the products. This way they will already have some work experience by the time they graduate. Up to 16 batches have graduated so far, with a total of 300 students. Most of the graduating students go to places like Jordan for employment where they are able to get better jobs through the training they have received.




Future ambitions

In the near future, the team aims to expand their current business as well as associate with other startups and NGOs. With their current association with White Lotus Crafts, The Mint Studio team were able to contribute their skills and knowledge to the trainees for a greater good. Similarly, they hope to develop more networks for organizations where enthusiasts can share ideas and help each other grow. They also plan to be a platform for small businesses in Nepal to sell their products. The team aims for The Mint Studio to be among the most recognizable lifestyle brands in Nepal.




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