Startup Idea: It’s not just about thinking out of the box

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Startup Idea: It’s not just about thinking out of the box


What do you think a startup idea should be like? Words such as ‘unspoken’, ‘unheard’ or ‘undiscovered’ might strike your mind. But such are the misconceptions that has made our process of creating a startup idea – your ‘Big Idea’ – difficult. We should realize that this process of filling up our idea slate just requires a right mindset where we are open to look around for inspiration, share our ideas with others and develop it. Here, we will try to make this proposition easy by going beyond the suggestion that ‘You need to think out of the box’.   

Talk! Talk! Talk!

Creativity doesn’t materialize in solitude. If you are thinking you are the passionate soon-to-be an-entrepreneur who struggles to sleep just thinking of that ‘Big Idea’, then you aren’t any different from the Robin’s famous statue ‘The Thinker’. Generating an idea is like building a house. One worker puts the stone and the others add cement to join it. You cannot create your idea just in the mind, you need to Talk! Talk! Talk! about it to people. Steven Johnson says in his book ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’, “innovation happens when ideas collide with one another, which can’t happen in isolation.” This will help you to crystalize your idea. It will tell you if your idea is sellable in the market. Take it as a path towards building your web of network and if luck favours you, then you might meet the right people to take your idea to its ultimate heights.

Search for the unknown in the known

It’s about finding the gap. Do you remember going to the nearby video shops to buy DVDs? We all took it as the only option possible to get our favourite movies. But startups such as LoveFilm found the gap and turned into a rental service and also posted DVDs in our home. Netflix and Amazon have started their era to convert the rental service to on-click service. The key to generating a startup idea is to find the problem. We just need to look around and find what are the inefficiencies we have deal with in our life.


Click your mind

Lastly, it’s about creating your creation. If you have been waiting for your ‘Aha moment’, the time when inspiration knocks your door, then it’s time to think how long are you going to wait? Moments just don’t happen by chance; you yourself have to create them. You need to look at your surroundings and get inspired.
It’s about looking at the normal things in a different way. A simple method can be by finding analogies. For instance, what do you think when you see a bird? Creative minds can think of it as a plane. Start practicing this from now. You might find your perfect analogy that will be your ‘Big Idea’.

We need to first start believing in ourselves. A lot of people think that aren’t awesome enough to come up with great ideas. We should just try finding a problem that we really are obsessed with and understand it better than anyone else, if we do so we will be able to find our idea which will be our purpose of life.


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