Photo Story: Udhyami Seed Camp - Tech Edition Day 5

Photo Story: Udhyami Seed Camp - Tech Edition Day 5


With the Pitch Day of the Udhyami Seed Camp - Tech Edition looming not far away, the participants began polishing their ideas on the 5th Day of the six-day entrepreneurial event.


Sixit Bhatta (CEO, Tootle), presented on skills and tools that would enable the startups to deliver an effective pitch to the investors.

He was followed by the charismatic, Abhisek Maskey (Brand and Relationship Officer, King’s College).


The participants learnt how to make unique, attention-grabbing slides to deliver an effective pitch to the investors.


Like every other day, team members and mentors further shared their views and ideas regarding present scenario of Nepal's Startup Community during the hourlong lunch break


Participants then, guided by Rajiv Sharma (Managing Director, Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.),  indulged in some team building exercises to learn about the importance of teamwork and effective human resource management.


The day ended with an impromptu session from Mohammad Shabbir (Founder/CEO, GO International Finland) on being an entrepreneur.


As the penultimate day came to a close, the enthusiastic teams were ready to present their ideas to the investors for the next day.



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