PageVamp: The On-the-Go Website Builders

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PageVamp: The On-the-Go Website Builders


Offering customers a different website building experience, PageVamp sets itself apart from other website builders for being one of the few website builders that integrate Facebook into their product.

PageVamp is an affordable business website builder that aims to make website operation for small businesses easy. They make the process of updating websites hassle-free by linking the business’s Facebook page to the business’s website. This way, once the business owner updates their Facebook page, the website also gets updated by itself.

PageVamp believes that a lot of businesses in countries like Nepal have an active presence on Facebook and other social media sites, but most of them do not know how to update their websites and are solely dependent on web designers to do the job for them.



Starting Out

PageVamp is the brainchild of three college students: Vincent Sanchez-Gomez, Atulya Pandey, and Fred Wang. The founders, while in college, found themselves desperately needing money to fund their travel expenses and a college student necessity, beer. They outlined and pivoted their ideas and until they came up with the plan to make websites for small businesses and co-curricular groups. The plan then took flight when the trio were able to sell their product to college students who needed an online platform to scale their business.

However, after a while, their website business came to a halt when they realised a recurring problem-- students who had bought the trio’s websites were not being able to update them on their own. The problem demanded a solution, and the solution called for a simpler design module. After much brainstorming, they came to the conclusion that combining their product with Facebook’s user-friendly disposition would prove more effective not just to them but also their customers. Hence, PageVamp was born.


Going Global
Headquartered in New York, PageVamp also has a branch in Kathmandu. Upon entering their office, I was greeted with warm faces and a cosy work environment. Upon meeting up with co-founder Atulya Pandey, he quickly filled me in on everything I needed to know about PageVamp.

Pandey firmly believes on the notion of focusing on what sells and where the money is.

PageVamp has provided their service to small businesses in countries across the world, some examples being Scotland, Malaysia, and Lebanon. By focusing on what sells and where the money is, PageVamp has been able to sell their services and thus expand globally. With partners in more than 30 countries, they have been able to overcome language barriers to support small business owners face-to-face, in the business owner’s own language and currency.

One of PageVamp’s notable achievements has been becoming the official website builder for Mexico’s largest domain registrar, is a commercial entity that manages and hosts over four million micro-businesses on its platform. These micro-businesses account for nearly 47% of the national employment rate in Mexico. Providing services to such a large domain registrar has opened avenues for PageVamp and assisted them in their endeavour to expand their business. Further, it has also boosted their presence in the SME (Small and Medium Entreprises) scene of Latin America.

PageVamp intends to continue pursuing partnerships throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America with business providers of various scales in their efforts to become the go-to website builder for emerging markets.




Teamwork makes the dream work

Behind PageVamp, there is a dedicated team who strive to give their best day in and out to make PageVamp a versatile and ever-improving product. Pandey insisted that without his team, PageVamp would not be where there are today. The team members, when asked about their work experience, had great things to say about PageVamp and how it has not only given them a platform to do what they love but also, has allowed them to expand their horizons, network and experience.

Some of the team members are incredibly talented youth who have an insatiable hunger for bringing PageVamp to its best. With that being said, the team members have vast knowledge about technology and have lots to offer.


Scope in the Nepalese Market
When questioned whether he saw scope for the Nepalese market, Pandey commented, “Where there are problems, there are opportunities. So yes Nepal is full of opportunities.”

Pandey further noted how everyone at PageVamp Nepal is extremely driven and have excellent work ethic. Furthermore, having an office in Nepal increases job opportunities, area for expansion of their venture and most importantly, allowing Pandey to stay grounded to his roots.



Future plans
In the foreseeable future, PageVamp hopes to tread into uncharted territory and further amplify their business reach. They hope to provide their services to more businesses and to improve their business model.The team really is working hard to make PageVamp an even bigger success, and we wish them all the very best in all their endeavours.




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