Make Your Home Smart

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Make Your Home Smart

Keyur Shrestha recently invited me to visit the Experience Centre of Home Automation Nepal, Sanepa. At the door, Shrestha, who is the founder and managing director of the company Home Automation Nepal, entered a four-digit pin on the metal lock, which opened the doors to a well-furnished living room. Once inside, Shrestha picked up the iPad that was on a table and tapped on a button that read “tea time” on his home automation app. As soon as he did that, the curtains opened up to light up the whole room and soothing jazz music started playing in the background.

Shrestha then went on to demonstrate how by pressing the “movie time” button on the app, the curtains in his room drew and the neon-blue ceiling light switched on—turning his room into a private home-theatre. In addition, the neon light could change colour as per command. And you could also access your personal collection of movies through your Android or iOS device. 
Home automation, as a concept, is fairly new to Nepal, and even around the world. By installing a home automation system, spaces can be automated for security, entertainment or just pure convenience. All electric appliances—from lightbulbs to ACs—can be automated by installing a device and connecting it to your iOS or Android gadgets. The functions of those appliances can be toggled over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Shrestha, an electronic engineer with a degree in electronics and communication, from Maharastra Institute of Technology, Pune, India, founded Bipassana International back in 2008 to introduce home automation systems in Nepal. Home Automation Nepal is the defining product of the company, which uses modern-day technological advancements to make home living safe, secure and comfortable.


“Home automation is more about convenience than about luxury. It isn’t just about transforming your personal work space or your home into a comfortable, luxurious setting, but also about making it more convenient and safe,” says Shrestha. So far, Shrestha’s company has undertaken more than 30 home automation projects in various client groups like hotels, residential buildings, educational institutions, restaurants and hospitals—each project individually tailored to the needs of their clients. 

“When it comes to home security, people only limit themselves to CCTV cameras. But that in itself is not security; it is only surveillance,” says Shrestha. “With the advancements in technology, we are now able to install invisible infrared wires that trigger alarms when security is breached. In the near future, we are also planning to link our security systems to police stations or other security services so that a response team is sent when the alarm is triggered.” 

Besides security, another aspect of home automation is that it can help perform everyday tasks with just a tap. People don’t have to wake up at odd hours, for example, to run their water pumps. They can simply automate and schedule the water pump to function at convenient timings. This service can be installed for around Rs 3,000. There might also be cases when people might forget to turn off the switches of home appliances, which can lead to mishaps. Shrestha’s systems can take care of such concerns. 

Home Automation Nepal provides consultations to any interested customer and will work with them to customise systems. “We first try to understand the needs of our client, know their budget, and submit a proposal that fits their requirement and preferences. Thus, we are also more of consultants than just technologists,” says Shrestha. Once the proposal is approved by the client, Home Automation Nepal then goes ahead with the installation of the system. Once the installation is complete, the client is briefed on the details of how the system works. And then the company follows up with aftersales services. 

However, finding clients in Nepal and relaying information about the services they provide still proves to be a challenging task. Many people think automating homes is just about living in luxury, while many still have difficulty believing that such services are available in Nepal.  

But getting a sneak preview of their product is not that difficult.“The Experience Centre at Sanepa provides first-hand experience of how the home automation system functions. This is where we usually hold our meetings 
with clients so that they can experience the system for themselves,” says Shrestha.  

The Home Automation Nepal team believe that their world-class products and services can change the way people design their homes and offices and spend their time in them.


First published in M&S VMAG




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