Ma-Paani: More than just Water?

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Ma-Paani: More than just Water?

When people go to restaurants, they are willing to spend thousands of Rupees on expensive alcohol. These are luxury drinks that fall under the “empty-calorie” food group, which means they provide an excess of energy/calories in relation to nutrients. Yet, when asked if they would like mineral or jarred water by the waiters, people tend to prefer the cheaper jarred water. Water is one of the most important substances needed for human survival, but mineral rich water is often neglected. There are more than thirty kinds of bottled water available in nepal. Ten months ago, another company, Ma Paani, entered the bottled water market with its natural spring water and hopes to change the perception of water consumption in Kathmandu.

Ma-Paani was founded by Pawan Chitrakar, and is currently the only bottled water brand in Nepal that has the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification. This certification ensures that Ma-Paani meets the international standard of effective control of food safety. Ma-Paani is also very recognizable with its mud red theme; A unique color choice for bottled water representing the Nepalese culture and purity.

Before Ma Paani

Before Ma-Paani, Chitrakar and several others from his team worked at the already respectable water brand: Himalayas on Top, as their marketing unit. During their time in Himalayas on Top, they noticed how the company struggled to meet the high demands for their bottled water and were inspired to create their own water brand that could supply water efficiently all the while maintaining top quality. Thus, Ma-Paani was born.


More than just water?

From his experience at Himalayas on Top, Chitrakar was well aware about what needed to be done for a bottled water company. Prior to Ma-Paani’s launch into the market, Chitrakar and his team spent over two years studying the origin of the spring water at Chandragiri hills, the current source of their spring water. They then focused on making their production environment safe and clean. To receive and maintain the HACCP certification, they had to maintain a super hygienic facility with tight rules. The staff who enter the production area are always thoroughly checked to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness of the products. Workers with any condition, be it a minor cut, are put aside until recovery. Most drinking water usually labeled mineral water, go through reverse osmosis- a process where all bacteria is filtered out along with all of the minerals. The result is pure water in which minerals are later added to. Ma-Paani on the other hand, does not use reverse osmosis, but instead it uses UV lights and other alternatives to remove bacteria and save the original minerals keeping it as natural as possible while still keeping it safe for health.



Setting the price right

Bottled water of such quality must surely be pricey. However, Chitrakar’s goal is to raise awareness of quality water and supply it to as many clients as he can. This is why one 500ml bottle of Ma-Paani water is priced at only Rs.55. Unlike most early-stage businesses, Ma-Paani was faced with immediate high-demand. This was and still is their biggest challenge: the struggle of supplying at such a high demand. They prefer a slow and steady growth and want to improve quality and performance first. This is also a reason why Ma-Paani has done little to no marketing so far.


And the future?

Since it's too early for Ma-Paani to enter international markets, the team is currently looking to effectively supply drinking water all over Nepal. It will certainly be a challenge, but Ma-Paani’s team is willing to make a take on it. In the future, once Ma-Paani is  efficiently able to expand their service throughout Nepal, they are aiming to do the same for the rest of the world. The biggest challenge once they do that will be constantly meeting the drastic increase in demand. Nepal is the land of the Himalayas. When comparing water from around the world, ours’ might as well be the purest. There is huge potential for Nepal to be one of the best international supplier of water, and in the near future Ma-Paani plans to do just that.



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