Islington College conducts the first iteration of MBA Gala

Islington College conducts the first iteration of MBA Gala



The first batch of MBA students of Islington College organized MBA Gala, an entrepreneurial student-centric event, on March 8.  The event, which started around noon, hosted two sets of panel discussions and provided a platform for the students and alumni of the college to showcase their entrepreneurial business ventures.

Dr Dakshata Rana, the MBA coordinator at Islington College, said that the Gala was organized with the idea to impart practical learning and theoretical knowledge to the students. “Most of the courses of MBA in Nepal lack to provide a realistic approach to the corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystem of our place. With the amount of talented and hardworking students we have, we wanted to help hone their entrepreneurial skills and make them understand the journey ahead in a practical way,” she adds. The event itself was a part of one of the MBA modules “Developing Effectiveness and Leadership”. 

The event was segmented in two parts: the first was a stall exhibition of alumni/student’s businesses in the college’s playground, whereas the second was a set of panel discussion that took place simultaneously in the hall. A total of 10 stalls, with each representing a different venture, were exhibited throughout the day.  From watches to health drinks to jackets or suits, the event saw keen entrepreneurs showcasing their business products and services alike. Some of the businesses that were present were Soil Testing Campaign, Moods, Alma Artes, Poshak Satu, FiBRO and Emizen Engineering Pvt. Limited.


The exhibition was an opportunity for the exhibitioners to network effectively with potential customers whereas the panel discussion was key in helping students understand the journey of seasoned entrepreneurs. The panel discussions, as pointed by Dr Dakshana Rana, were designed to make conversations that could help mould the mindset of the students to that of a future entrepreneur. Three guests, namely Kavi Raj Joshi, the MD of Next Venture Corp,  Niraj Khanal, the CEO of Antarprerana and Ajay Shrestha, the Chairman of iCapital were invited to be part of the first discussion on ‘Entrepreneurial Support System in Nepal’. The conversations revolved around the history and relevance of entrepreneurship in Nepal, challenges faced by entrepreneurs, methods of allocating resources for accelerator programs and factors responsible for a strong startup team. The panellists talked on the expectations of budding entrepreneurs and how they wouldn’t necessarily advocate entrepreneurship to everyone.

The second-panel discussion was moderated by Suraj Raj Pandey, from NEXT Venture Corp, on the subject of “Role of Leaders in Growing their Organization”. Ravi Singhal, the Co-founder of Sarathi Cab, Bishal Dhakal, the founder of Home and Health and Ravi Phuyal, the director of Innovate Nepal Group joined the session to talk on issues that affected them personally as entrepreneurs. When asked about the most important factor that each attributed to the success of their businesses, each had a different answer.  The answers ranged from team-strength to structural -focus to process streamlining; every panellist had subjective views that reflected his personal entrepreneurial journey. The panel further talked about the challenges of sustainability that businesses face during the peak of business growth. This conversation helped reveal insights on the dark side of success and how people often tend to overlook this aspect.

The first iteration of MBA Gala gathered panellists, budding entrepreneurs, students, and business enthusiasts to Islington and made an impact on the student body as well as the visitors. Dr Rana is confident that future batches of MBA would continue hosting such an event in the future too. “These events are crucial to engaging the student body to enhance their management, networking, leadership and organizational skills. Our motto is to give back to the society and the Gala has helped us realize the necessity of such events even more”, she concludes.


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