Day 6 Photo Story Udhyami Seed Camp: Tech Edition Pitch Day

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Day 6 Photo Story Udhyami Seed Camp: Tech Edition Pitch Day


Lo and behold! The final day of Udhyami Seed Camp:Tech Edition is upon us. This was the day all our team had been looking forward to ever since the announcement of Tech Edition back in June during Udhyami 101. Every bit of effort put into the event by the participants, visiting coaches, and the organising team was geared towards this moment.

80 teams applied, but only 16 were chosen. Likewise, there must have been hundreds of people who wanted to attend the event, but sadly owing to our own obligations, not all of us could make it. But thank god for the internet, right?

UdhyamiTechDay6-10-of-174.jpgSome last minute practice pitching is always cool. (Team Sasto I/O)

UdhyamiTechDay6-27-of-174.jpgThe first edition of Udhyami Seed Camp here to represent!
UdhyamiTechDay6-74-of-174.jpgKavi Raj Joshi (CEO, NEXT), a proud Udhyami himself, welcoming the audience, including the coaches and the investors, to Udhyami Seed Camp Pitch Day.

A few glimpses of from the pitching session.

UdhyamiTechDay6-106-of-174.jpgTeam PaperGilas really one-upped everyone with their creative skit-cum-investment pitch piece.

UdhyamiTechDay6-159-of-174.jpgUdhyamiTechDay6-123-of-174.jpgThe early bird catches the worm. Team Vermiponics pitching an idea that is yet to be patented. Vermi? Worm? Was that a play on words? Alas, no one will ever know.

UdhyamiTechDay6-133-of-174.jpgAnd Zerostart who almost went back to square one by deciding not to pitch. Fortunately, for everyone’s enthusiasm for Zerostart, they too jumped on the let’s-woo-the-investors-bandwagon and pitched their idea to the investors. Let us hope they gain the favour of our investors!

b2ap3_thumbnail_UdhyamiTechDay6-83-of-174.jpgInvestor Santosh Pradhan, CEO Excom, grilling the teams with questions.

UdhyamiTechDay6-61-of-174.jpgTo invest or not to invest..a true Shakespearean moment at Udhyami Seed Camp.

UdhyamiTechDay6-68-of-174.jpgSome might even say, find yourself an investor who looks at your revenue model like Sharad KC (STARTUPSNepal) looks at Ruchin Singh (Co-founder Edushala)

UdhyamiTechDay6-149-of-174.jpgProgramme Coordinator, Sanjay Maharjan CEO of NEXT Kavi Raj Joshi, sharing a moment.

UdhyamiTechDay6-136-of-174.jpgAll smiles!

UdhyamiTechDay6-162-of-174.jpgNot everyone can believe Udhyami Seed Camp: Tech Edition has come to an end.

UdhyamiTechDay6-146-of-174.jpgHere’s to another successful edition of Udhyami Seed Camp!

UdhyamiTechDay6-140-of-174.jpgSome teams have pivoted to a different direction, while some teams have made their business models leaner. Regardless of the direction the teams have decided to take, there’s one thing our Udhyamis can say for sure- they are walking out a better entrepreneur than that when they came in. So, a round of applause for everyone who made this edition of Udhyami Seed Camp a successful one!


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    Zerostart- Udhyami Seed Camp, Batch II Saturday, 17 August 2019

    Today marks 17/08/19, I looked back to my journey of Udhyami Seed Camp II, Tech Edition. I select my 2017 journey and I am grateful to all Udhyamis who then made the Tech Edition 2017 a success. I select back and I am proud of you all. ?

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