Celebration is just-a-click away: Cheers.com.np (an online liquor store)

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Celebration is just-a-click away: Cheers.com.np (an online liquor store)

You’re trying to get drunk with your favourite people after a long day but the spirits are gone before anybody is drunk enough. What would you do? You can call it a bad day in Kathmandu if that happens after 10 PM. But, if you are still early, you can either hit the stores or simply call cheers.com.np (Cheers) for their services.

“We knew the market was there. We have known people for drinking while growing up and we know there are many more out there who share the thirst,” says Minesh Rajbhandari, one of the five co-founders and the General Manager of cheers.com.np.


Service in a nutshell

There are two ways of ordering through Cheers. You can place orders through phone by telling what you need and where you want it delivered. Or, you can create a Cheers account and checkout after adding your spirits to the cart. Cash or card will be collected on zero delivery cost but the order you make should amount to a minimum of NRs 1000.


Forging the future

A cocktail of things led the co-founders to make cheers.com.np official. The online businesses were booming in and out of Kathmandu, consumption was taking a hike, online vendors like kaymu.com.np and sasto-deal were making a name for themselves and the market still had room for more.

The other co-founders had been in liquor industry for some-time and Rajbhandari bridged the gap between their expertise and their idea for an online business. It was july of 2016 when cheers started placing orders and as of now, they have a 4.9 rated service in Facebook with over a thousand deliveries.



Efficiency and Ease

“Liquor has an increasingly competitive market in Nepal. The prices are always fluctuating,” says Rajbhandari, “the liquor that we sell are priced at MRP or less and we deliver them for free. This is what we plan to stick with.”

Cheers.com promises to deliver drinks within 37 minutes and, they do it. This is because they employ their own delivery team and have their own vehicles. On top of that, they have their own warehouse and the time for alcohol businesses is at night when the traffic will have eased off in Kathmandu.

Alcohols come with schemes like a free branded glass for a purchase of six bottles and Cheers gives them away to its customers as well.


Speed Breakers

“For us, the biggest challenge is getting our first order. Probably because customers are not sure if they can trust us to deliver their spirits by the time they are ready for it unless we have actually done it”, says Rajbhandari, “but after the first order, customers trust us with their order.”

Rajbhandari points out that the legal barriers imposed on this trade is the real challenge. They could really stand out as a  company that delivers genuine spirits 365 days a year, 24 hours a day had it been legal to bill after 10 PM . “But we are a startup in Nepal and we are happy to comply by its law as of now”, Rajbhandari agrees. The business potential shall simply rise, if the legal restriction after 10 pm is eased.


Learning the Lessons

“We decided to operate 6km outside the ring-road at the furthest thinking the outskirts would really benefit from what we were doing. According to the data we collect on every delivery, majority of them were made to the core of the city.”

The founders initially thought all brands would move the same but the local liquor brands moved the slowest. While, the imported ones are highly demanded. As it happens people find it more convenient to purchase local brands from the nearest retailers because of its availability. But, the imported ones listed on the site are getting the customers excited.   

Other than that, the yellow boxes on their motorcycles are not very friendly to the traffic regulations.


Further down the lane

Alcohol takes considerable amount of people’s budget and they usually cannot taste them before trying out a new brand to drink or serve. “We have an in-built directory for the liquor we sell so that people can ‘Cheers it’ for a description of new taste in the same way they would google it.” Says Rajbhandari. Our directory shall help our customers know their drink and feel them way before they try their preferred drink.

Cheers is not looking to settle just yet. They plan on extending their horizons organically to more cities and go pan Nepal few more years down the lane. “We believe, we are simply preparing for the future. As people go online looking for comfort around their corner, we plan to be the place you look for”, says Rajbhandari.


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    Saroj kumar mandal Wednesday, 21 August 2019

    Please send me a detail information of online opportunities of cheers.com

  • Guest
    Saroj kumar mandal Wednesday, 21 August 2019

    Please send me a detail information of online opportunities about cheers.com

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    yala man maharjan Wednesday, 08 July 2020

    Hello, please add Gyapu Marketplace on your list. One of the best online stores in the Nepali market. I bought something from it. The quality and prices of the items were amazing. I have bought quite a few drinks and I’m just obsessed with them. Free delivery with returns service is outstanding. Highly recommend online store https://www.gyapu.com/category/G-Bar

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