7 Handpicked Books to start with for Entrepreneurs in Nepal

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7 Handpicked Books to start with for Entrepreneurs in Nepal

You are what you eat read. Books have more power than what people think. They possess a special ability to change the thought process of an individual, personify their characteristics and even give meaning to existence. 

For entrepreneurs, there would not be a better place to find insights and learnings than books. As Ashish Shrestha, cofounder of HoneyGuide Apps, rightly said to me once, “Life is too short to make all the mistakes yourself.” And to learn from others’ mistakes and experiences, there is no better option that reading. So here are seven books that are meant for entrepreneurs who have set on the entrepreneurial path in Nepal.


A Nepali Entrepreneur’s Handbook, Entrepreneurs for Nepal (E4N)

The handbook published by Entrepreneurs for Nepal (E4N) contains stories of 21 prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs in Nepal. As they have put it, it is “an evolving knowledge-sharing document” that is mostly a summary of Last Thursdays (an event held every last Thursday of each month). Entrepreneurs in Nepal can read these summaries and internalize the lessons that each of the prominent business leaders have put forth in the handbook. Rather than just personal experiences of Nepali business leaders, there are more of tips of doing business in Nepal in the handbook.

The handbook is free to download and use at E4N’s website, and both English and Nepali versions are available.


Atmakatha, Binodh Chaudhary

Atmakatha is a biography of one of the most successful Nepali entrepreneurs – Binod Chaudhary. The book is an opportunity to get into the world of a pragmatist who turned his dream into reality 30 years ago. Binodh Chaudhary talks about Nepali business and politics openly, while also giving an account of mistakes that he made as an entrepreneur and how he confessed the past mistakes to reassess decisions that he would have done differently. 

Nepali entrepreneurs can connect to the business and political issues that he portrays in the book and also learn a trick or two while doing business in Nepal.


Lean Startup, Eric Ries

The way things are done in startups are changing. Eric Ries brings forth a hypothesis driven methodology for startups to minimize risk and minimize cost of failure. Lean startup is also the way Startup Weekends, a three day event for materializing the entrepreneurial idea, is preaching all over the world. Nepali entrepreneurs need to understand this new buzzword if they are looking for improving the probability of success of their startup in initial phase.


The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups from their Founding Entrepreneurs, David Kidder

New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Clickable, David Kidder goes personal with founders of 40 companies that transformed the business world in the book. Having done face-to-face interviews with these influential founders and CEOs, he brings insights into the secret of fastest growing startups, including PayPal, AOL, TED, Flickr, LinkedIn and many other household names. The Startup Playbook also contains special sections ranging from “how to select the right idea” to “pursuing to finding funding and overcoming inevitable obstacles.” Not only Nepali entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs around the world can implement the successful secret formula in their venture.


The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Professor and businessman, talks about the need of disruptive innovation for future growth while providing real life examples of how disruptive innovation were able to displace big players in the market. The dilemma, according to the book, is when firms neglect innovations that have huge potential because of the fact that current customers cannot use them.

The process and the examples that Clayton M. Christensen talks about can also be implemented in such a raw market for entrepreneurs in Nepal.


The Entrepreneur Mind, Kevin D. Johnson

Being an entrepreneur starts from your mind, and whatever follows will be based on your decisions and choices. In this book, Kevin D. Johnson writes about how you can start thinking about starting a business, making it grow and sustaining the business. He also focuses on the impact of negative thinking on daily life and wants to help entrepreneurs to change the frame of mind to become successful. Acknowledging the eminent hardship and failures of being on an entrepreneurial journey, Kevin D. Johnson aims at motivating entrepreneurs to pick themselves up despite failures.


The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy

The Psychology of Selling is the basic of selling the product. It is a great thing to have a great product, but if you don’t know how to sell it, then the product possesses no value. Sales guru Brian Tracy provides entrepreneurs with series of ideas, methods, strategies and technologies for pitching sales ideas and improving sales. When you start, you can definitely get into the minds of customers and make your sales pitch after reading this.



  • Kavi Raj Joshi
    Kavi Raj Joshi Tuesday, 28 June 2016

    Done with 3 of them - the first three. Now, the rest come to my list. Thanks for the recommendation @Pratik.
    Feel free to gift me @ The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy & The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen.

  • Guest
    Bibek Mishra Wednesday, 29 June 2016

    I have second thoughts on Lean start up methodology for Nepali consumer base. As they refrain from using the same product twice because it was no good, the first time.
    We always have to go with ( almost-a-product) MVP if we are seriously thinking of user retention.

  • Guest
    Rupak Parajuli Friday, 28 October 2016

    Will start reading "The psychology of selling" this weekend. Just want to add: Zero to one is also a promising book to get some idea on creating business value.

  • Guest
    lok chand Saturday, 01 December 2018

    i need this book for starting some business

  • Guest
    Sandesh Friday, 30 October 2020

    Can someone suggest me the nepali or Hindi translation of any book that is related to grow business.

  • Guest
    Mandeep Shrestha Wednesday, 08 September 2021

    Great Article. I will definitely read the books I've missed out on. Here are a few recommendations of mine as well.

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