Aakash Pant

Aakash Pant

Death makes you die

The GoBout story can serve as a lesson for beginning entrepreneurs who have nothing but an idea to go on

Value addition is not always about re-inventing the wheel, just look at Portal, which simply turned the wheels to make them more valuable

Nepali Local Search Engine Bhetincha.com is Making a Name for itself With its Search driven USP Creating Value for Local Business.

  After years of research, designing and improving, the first Portal bike hit the streets on Saturday, the 16th of September. Portal has been working on its flagship bike project for over three ...
  One of the most difficult things for any investor is to find the right startup they believe in. Conversely one of the most difficult things for any startup company is to find the right investo...
  As the teams walked in for the third day of the Udhyami Seed Camp, you could really see a spring in their step. The teams looked ready for another day of refining their startup. The teams ...

Keeping to the concept of relevance in the business world, the theme for this Venture Talk is “Building a Personal Brand”, an often overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship.