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Health.fit is a fitness & health company that empowers mental & physical well being. We make workouts fun, mental fitness easy with yoga, Pilates, RST, S&C, HIIT, Animal movement,Boxing,Dance and Medical & Physiotherapy services. Totally goal oriented with group fitness classes, and personal training along with all the amenities you will need. The Fitness Center is proud to announce that WE HAVE DEPARTED THE CHAMPAIGN MARKET. Our newest facilities are located in Old Baneshwar,KTM – they total nearly 2,000 square feet with personal training studios and group fitness classes, both of our buildings are on one convenient level. We cater to the general fitness consumer along with the serious lifter in a clean, professional environment. Professional trainers are available for weight-loss, body sculpting, muscle building, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Work Hardening, and sport specific programs. “At Health. Fit, we're attempting to make it super-simple for individuals to lead a solid way of life across food, physical fitness, mental prosperity and preventive healthcare services through one single platform". Hamrohealthfit an integrated Health platform with 5 verticals: 1. Fitness Center—our line of new age fitness center 2. Physiotherapy Services (Cupping /Hijma therapy) 3. Diagnostics and Consultation –Full body checkup plan and lab checkup on daily basis from home 4. Food. Fit- Health and Calories counted food 5. Look. Fit- Our line of fit look (Sport wearing collection)


Health and Wellness Center


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We have wanted to run our own Fitness & Wellness center. I believe my time is now, as I have the necessary experience, industry relationships and connections to make this happen. With help from those industry connections, I’ve created a sound business plan that borrows from established ventures but takes things a step further.

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