PizzaMari Cafe

Pizza (Italian) Mari (chamal ko roti), delicious mouth-watering dish that makes our customers keep coming back to us.
Looking For: Funding
Product Status: Launched


Pizza (Italian) and Mari (Nepali rice bread), a special food which hits at our customers taste buds and and they keep coming back to us, we feel proud. We also specialize in making pizzas and which is also one of our special dish besides that we serve local and authentic Nepali dish (dal,bhat,tarkari and achaar) and we have put our brand name as a dish name PizzaMari.



Funding Information

Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Seed Round
Total Funding Received : None
Total Funding Expected : 1 - 10 million

Message to the Investors

We are a restaurant startup company located in Swyombhu, a historical as well as tourist destination. PizzaMari (Italian+Nepali) a special dish made by our chef which is loved by everyone. We are expert at serving pizza also which is one of our best selling dish and as well as local Nepali cuisine (dal, bhat, tarkari).

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