On demand third party warehousing service for your business.
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Spaceko is Nepal’s first 3PL service provider which offers on demand modern warehousing services for business firms where the companies can outsource warehouse facility with Spaceko along with other value adding services and increase their focus towards core business rather than worrying about logistics. Spaceko provides storage of goods, material handling, inventory management and other fulfillment services. With Spaceko you can outsource logistics services for your business, Where we can play our part to optimize your supply chain and as a final outcome it will impact your entire business operation in a very highly efficient manner.


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Logistics is a major issue for the Nepal's trade industry, with this high rate of flow of goods in the market there are several problems that these trade agencies are facing and one of the major issue is warehouse management, Spaceko carries out a vision to provide a standarized professional warehousing services which these several trade firms in Nepal can take full benefit of.

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