Finding job was never easy before jobmatc.com.
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We had a problem and the problem was with overall experience in finding right job. We are users like you, facing same problem repeatedly. So we decided to roll up our sleeves, get hands dirty and do something to solve this. We always believed in abstraction i.e. making complex effort underneath but at surface built somethig that is simple, intutive and for users. Solutions we had today required us to give more information than needed, search was really painful, whole system was puzzled with features, no information of status of your application, basically whole system was crap. We are not doing any rocket science here, neither something completely new, we are trying our best to give user experience with simplicity. We knew precisely the problem we had, we had huge resources on web, now the only thing missing was, connecting those dots, those tiny dots of solutions with patience, perseverance and perfection and create a shape, a shape of product with best user experience. And this is how we started jobMatc.


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