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Underthings is an online store based in kathmandu,Nepal. It Deals on Accessories and Lingeries and many more. Lingerie, Bras , underwears and almost all innerwear. We have all suppliers and Manufacturer ready but due to limitation on funds we cannot keep items on stock and sell. We believe online business of lingerie and bras are growing business all over the world, especially on the country like Nepal online lingerie business will be a great deal because girls/women feels hegitated and uneasy to buy on the market where anyone cant ask for a sexy bra or a night wear because our culture have taught us this.

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Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : None
Total Funding Expected : None

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Because we will be the initiator we will have the oppurtunity to shine on market and will be a monopoly market.

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