For years we are known for things that we have almost no control over- where we were born, who our parents are, whom we work for. A majority of us reading this article are well over the age of being r...

Keeping to the concept of relevance in the business world, the theme for this Venture Talk is “Building a Personal Brand”, an often overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship. 

On Tuesday, 8th of August, M&S NEXT is hosting the third edition to The Kathmandu Post Venture Talk series at Nepal Tourism Board.

Sarbottam Nari, the leading women’s magazine in Nepali language, is making subtle yet significant contribution towards women entrepreneurship development in Nepal for more than fifteen years now.

Missed the Venture Talk with Ranjit Acharya? Here's some food for thought from the inspiring session with the veteran entrepreneur, marketer, and motivator.